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Jul 17, 2011 9:00pm PDT
news of the world editor rebecca brooks was arrested today and being questioned by the police in london. she resigned from her powerful post on friday. we're in london with the latest. >> police confirmed to cnn earlier this afternoon that a woman was arrested in connection with the two investigations, one on the phone hacking allegation and the other on alleged payments to police by reporters in exchange for information. now, a spokesperson for rebecca brooks confirmed that in fact the former news of the world editor was arrested when she attended a police appointed earlier this afternoon. now the question arises about the timing of this arrest. it comes just before becker brooks was due to appear in parliament at a hearing on tuesday where she was supposed to be answering lawmakers' questions on just how widespread the phone hacking scandal was and how much she personally knew about the allegations. she has consistently denied knowing anything about the phone hacking allegations but now the questions by lawmakers may be restricted because they are prevented from prejudicing an ongoin
Jul 16, 2011 9:00pm PDT
resigned as did rebecca m. brooks, the center of this allegation she resigned as the head of news international. on tuesday, rupert murdoch james murdoch and rebecca broke are expected to appear before a parliamentarian committee to look talk about the hacking which can only be described as a grilling. >> and world news tonight they became known around the world for their harrowing experiences of survival the 33 chilean miners that were trapped for months are now suing the government of chile. included, more than half a million dollars for each minor. the senate is not against the chilean president but against the state that allowed the conditions that led to the accident. hugo taught this could be on his way to cuba for more cancer treatment he spent most of june and cuba to have a where a tumor removed, we do not know what kind of the word is that he could leave as early as today. lawmakers approved his travel there. they said the next phase includes radiation and chemotherapy. this is a part of a burning television tower collapsing in the northern part of the netherlands. we'r
Jul 9, 2011 9:00pm PDT
to nursing he landed a job at the stony brook medical center where he saw opportunity in a field that was traditionally dominated by women. >> i do not know if i was foolish or not but partly because i came into the workforce as a man in his 40's going into this field where i knew there would not be a lot of men of my age correct that i would be competing for jobs with. >> health care is one field where the research center found that men are finding jobs at a faster rate than women. since the recovery started two years ago man gained 805,000 jobs while women lost 281,000 jobs is a major shift from the start of the recession and they say then, men lost seven out of 10 jobs and it is not surprising that they're gaining jobs faster. it pick up and manufacturing earlier this year helped lead man to work but it is another reason for the gender gap. >> because of all of the impact at government, that is a huge impact on women make up the majority of state and government workers, a local levers we have seen at sharply off that has disproportionately hurt more women. >> layoffs for t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3